Danatex Tinting Solutions

Danatex offers a full-service maintenance for your paint dispensers, shakers and mixers. A motivated team of experienced service engineers and help desk staff are always on hand and ensure short reaction times, minimal downtime and rapid delivery of spare parts.

Due to the experience of our engineers we are also able to give unmatched support and viability valuations for older machines that have now been discontinued. All engineers are capable of correctly servicing and calibrating all dispenser types in a way that improves the accuracy and repeatability of colour production.

We are also able to offer software training for retail personnel, together with database back-up and installation packages for new equipment.

At Danatex we know the importance of annual servicing to prolong a machines working life and the accuracy in dispensing. Therefore we offer a service agreement to customers in  Denmark and Sweden that will suit all requirements and budgets.

For customers that have either new or used equipment in stock, we can also offer qualified storage and maintenance facilities, ensuring that the machines are always  purged and ready for installation.

Contact service directly +45  6915 2595