X-Rite is a global leader in colour science and technology.

X-Rite's product portfolio offers among others, spectrophotometres, hand held colour scanners and software to simplify the process of measuring colour throughout the supply chain.

Our focus at Danatex is specifically aimed at the professional painter and DIY outlets, where especially the X-Rite Capsure scanner and spectrophotometres have become an essential part of colour selection.

Capsure RM200

The revolutionary handheld colour measurement tool that accurately reads colour on a wide range of surfaces and materials to produce a precise match with any of thousands of colours from available electronic fan decks.

The Capsure sync programme can be downloaded directly from X-Rite
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RM 400RM 400

Countertop Spectrophotometer

This simple to use, lightweight spectrophotometer allows the user to take spectral measurements linked to a PC. This small, but accurate spectrophotometer features a 8mm aperture. The fast measurement time permits you to quickly see the calculated color values or spectral reflectance curve in the software display on your PC.

RM 400CI 51 & CI 52

Versatile Spectrophotometer

A versatile instrument for reliable retail paint matching applications on a wide variety of sample sizes, shapes, textures, and opacity levels. The unit can be used as a tethered handheld device or mounted for small footprint benchtop use. A NetProfiler3-enabled system ensures consistent, precise performance.

RM 400SP60/62/64

Portable Sphere Spectrophotometers

The full line of SP Portable Sphere Spectrophotometers offers convenient, cost-efficient solutions designed to provide fast, precise color measurement information on a wide range of materials, such as paper, paint, plastics, and textiles.

Depending on which SP Sphere Spectrophotometer Model you choose, absolute and difference measurements are displayed for a large number of colorimetric systems.

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