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X-Rite Capsure RM200


The revolutionary handheld colour measurement tool that accurately reads colour on a wide range of surfaces and materials to produce a precise match with any of thousands of colours from available electronic fan decks. CAPSURE is lightweight and easy to use. With minimal training, paint department employees can help customers identify colours on walls, carpets, furniture, flooring, clothing — virtually any inspiration object. CAPSURE can also isolate colours within a multi-colored pattern for developing matching or complementary colour palettes. Colour information can be recorded and saved for selecting accent colours or downloaded for in-store paint mixing.

The CAPSURE technology expands colour and appearance reality through accurate colour representation, measurement and simulation through this portable, easy-to-use device.

Easy to Use. Intuitive, operable with minimal training with onboard tutorial

Quick, Accurate. Preview samples before measurement; zoom in to manually select specific areas or automatically identify the dominant shades from detailed and multicoloured samples

Comprehensive. Identifies colours from a wide range of surfaces, materials and fabrics, including accurate reads from multi-coloured patterns

Portable, Convenient. Goes wherever you need to go; lightweight and powered with a USB rechargeable battery

Saves Data, Saves Time. Stores up to 100 measurements and features a built-in microphone to create an audio record for each colour

Streamlines Colour Selection. Proprietary, one-click colour matching system accurately identifies colour components, quickly cross check the best matches between colour collections

Customer Friendly. CAPSURE provides colour recommendations to aid in the customer selection and design process with Harmony Palettes, Similar Colours and Colour Navigation, ideal when searching for extra inspiration.

Enhances Creativity. Allows recall saved colours to create custom palettes and merge choices with popular design applications

Adaptable, Expandable. Unit can be updated with all the latest colour collections; desktop software allows for easy synchronization and addition of new collections

Increased Customer Service. Less time is required for matching; portable units also ideal for rental, giving customers option to match their own colours and return to store with data for custom paint mixing

• Includes your specific or a standard selection of paint fandecks


NCS Second edition
RAL Classic
RAL Design
RAL Effect

For larger orders we can offer :  Personalized  front and welcome screen

See installation CD for device manuals and Sync utility manuals




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