RAL P1 Plastic

  • 100 colours
  • Plastics colour sample format: 105 × 148 × 3 mm
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Three sample thicknesses show the colour fully opaque and in various opacity levels:
    3 mm, 2 mm and 1 mm
  • Three different surfaces allow you to interpret the colour in relation to roughness: high gloss polished,
  • VDI 24, VDI 42
  • Includes reflectance curve, absolute values and the divergence from the RAL PLASTICS
    original sample
  • Protective sleeve for every plastics colour sample

RAL PLASTICS is a new colour standard especially for plastics, created in response to widespread demand from the plastics-processing industry.

To begin with, 100 colours from the RAL CLASSIC collection were translated into a dedicated RAL plastics standard using a sophisticated technical process – these being the 100 colours that people most often request.

Plastics processors will benefit from RAL PLASTICS because the new, binding plastics standard eliminates the need to reproduce RAL paint sample colours in plastic, formerly a time-consuming and expensive procedure.

950,00 EUR
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